Queer Arts Festival believes in the power of queerness. 

Queerness, for us, is everything and/or anyone who falls under the umbrella of LGBTQUIA+. 

Our events are not exclusive, but we demand attention to a safe space and respect between attendees.

We highlight queer artists during these three weeks, in mainstream venues, and underground ones. 

Together, we want to build a new community, of queers and allies, to queerify Leuven.


An unfamiliar area or situation,
especially one that has or seems to have no maps or guidelines.

As queers, a lot of our lives, culture, and joy
need to be explored, taught, and discovered. 

We don’t always have access, or possibility, to envelop ourselves in queerness, and queer culture.

With Queer Arts Festival Leuven, we want to create a moment for queers of all ages to rejoice, celebrate, and come together through culture, in the city of Leuven.

There hasn’t been an absolute absence of queerness in Leuven, we have certainly had our share of events, organizations, and happenings, but never on a bigger scale or platform.

With Queer Art Festival Leuven, we want to turn the city’s attention to the queers in Leuven for three full weeks.


Queer Arts Festival Leuven is made possible by our coproducer: 30CC,
as well as funding from the city of Leuven (Culture & Diversity), Gelijke Kansen Vlaanderen, and AVANSA Oost-Brabant.

Our cultural partners include: Cas-co, LUCA School of Arts, Het Depot, INUIT, nacht, Humanistisch Verbond, Stelplaats, TRILL, Wisper, Het nieuwstedelijk, KU[N]ST Leuven, Expo Leuven, fABULEUS, Holebifilmfestival, Leesclub Leuven, OPEK, and KU Leuven.

Made possible by support of Nationale Loterij.


With Queer Leuven, we bring people from the queer community together and give them the opportunity to occupy space to express themselves.

Queer Leuven provides and facilitates a sustainable platform for new narratives, and we actively build an inclusive society in which everyone is equal and feels recognized,
thus stimulating social and cultural awareness.

To achieve that goal, we offer a range of activities that allow queer people to discover art and express themselves creatively, through workshops, participation, festivals, performances, concerts, exhibitions, debates, and so on in all kinds of genres and disciplines.

We also organize low-threshold events where people from the queer community can meet in a safe context.

Photo by Laure Robenek